Should it be harvest or not

This two plants have been alive for about 140 days now and still going strong starded to have some issues whit the nutrients but i beleave there are now on the 8th week of flower question is should i start flushing or should i wait longer maube till week 10? Thinking of going 12 weeks of flower not sure what to do


How about a close up shot of a flower in natural light. Have you looked at trichomes yet?


Yes looks like i have more milky then golden but here a pics of both

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Depends on how much of a couch lock you are looking for. Because you have plenty of amber on the sugar leaves so I’d smoke those as well.

I mean i whant it but i just dont whant them to go to waste if i wait to long

You might find this helpful:

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You got about a week or 2 before chop now would be the time to spike the stalk and give ice baths and do a flush if you want to. Use a drill bit that is just a little smaller than a toothpick dip the bit on 91% isopropyl alcohol let it dry off drill North to south go up a inch and drill east to west
At 30 minutes or so before lights go out put ice on the soil and to where you can’t see the soil and your going to get alot more frost on your buds you can check out my grow journal 6 strains of fun i took pictures of each step for this

How do i look at your journal