Should i water water girls before 48 hours of darkness

Hey guys my girls are a week away from harvest. Question should i water girls then send them into 48 hours of darkness or send them in dark period dry.

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If you are sure you have a week left you can water once more but you want your pots dry when you go to harvest

For harvest? Yes. You want your calyxes to be swollen when you harvest.

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I’ve always heard you want your pots dry when go to harvest

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Opinions may vary. lol.


100 ways to skin a cat. Or grow a pot plant. :rofl: I’m a proponent of “just take notes whatever you do” so if the results suck, you can try a different approach next time, and if the results are awesome, you can repeat next time.


Thanks guys i appreciate everybody knowledge and experience. Im going to figure it out pick one method and try it. Like midwest guy said take notes if it works keep it if not try the next method :grin:


@37 If you have about a week left, you should split the steam.

Happy Birthday @MrPeat

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Thanks @RockClarke:+1:

@MrPeat Thank You for your service my friend.


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