Should I water till runoff

Hey guys should I water till runoff in soil? Think I’ve been watering to much according to some of the people on here. 3 gallon fabric pots at 1.5 liters and I get about a quarter of a solo cup full. The soil is a 70% soil and 30% perlite. Plant was really drooping so I transplanted her into a 5 gallon but she wasn’t root bound just yet. Imma let her dry out again then water but am afraid of over watering.

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Overwatering in cannabis usually refers to not letting the soil dry out between waterings. I always soak my soil completely and then wait for the soil to dry out completely before watering again.


Depends on the size of the plant and size of the container and if I’ve introduced non organic nutes. Typically by the time the plant has reach the outer perimeter of the pot they’re ready for watering to runoff. If I haven’t introduced nutes then I’m watering until I get a very small amount of runoff just so I know the pot is fully saturated. If I have introduced nutes, I’m watering to 10-20% runoff.