Should i water them twice a day?


watered my plant yesterday around this to time with around a gallon and has around 10% runoff but it has wilted today. It has been less than 1day

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maybe too much water???

What kind of soul you using?

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Definitely looks like over-watering. Assuming soil, let the soil dry between any watering/feeding.

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I dont think bcoz

Firstly ehy would they wilt after a day, if they would be overwatered they would have wilted in 2-6 hours of watering, but i saw them today they were almost good, and when i poked my finger in doil there was not that much moisture in it and i am uding perlite in it slso, you will not be seeing bcoz i have put it under the first layer of soil, and i have put cslmag in form of granules around 8-10 days ago, do i dont think this could be the issue for it also, i think it od underwatering

I use soil, I go 3-5 days between waterings, depending where they are at in their life cycles. Fabric grow bags help with drainage and root oxygenation. When watering, ensure a decent soak, but then let it dry out like I mentioned. Hope that helps, all the best to your girly plant. :heart_eyes:

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Generally every 2 to 3 days before it needs more water. Twice a day is way to much.

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A full blown collapse like that in soil that’s not bone dry makes me think Root Rot.
I wonder if that plastic container has mold in it.

Why is thay pot only half full of dirt. What size pot is it.

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Fill this out please.

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Over watering is not how much you put in at that time. It is a long term effect from watering to often.
Perlite floats and rests on top of soil at watering. If it has enough perlite we should see it.

Re-edit this whole part. I can’t understand a thing you’re saying

This is more than likely over watering. Lack of O to the roots will cause wilt and burned leaf edges along with clawing.

I would allow pot to dry out to just before completely dry, then water again. Some plants simply consume less water, could be your root structure isn’t fully involved in the media as well.

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But why after 1 day?

Help us help you. Fill out the support ticket. And tell us why the pot is only half full of soil. What size is it.

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MJ does best with a wet dry cycle let it dry out for a few days then pick it up and feel the weight of the pot. Water it, dont water again until the pot feels light. If you stick your finger in soil go to the 2nd knuckle. If it feels moist wait a day and do it again. Over watering is not caused by too much water at one time, its caused by watering too often. Only time you would need to water every day is if you’re growing in coco.

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Kind of liking holding your head underwater: the first 30 seconds are fine, but 5 minutes later you’re drowning. If root mass is saturated it will drown. This won’t happen immediately.

Fill out the Support Ticket…


It look like extreme underwater.
But i have never seen one do this so fast.
It looks like it hasn’t been watered in a week, but you say that you water in last 24 hours and then it look this way?

Is it only perlite with a little soil ontop?

The best method for telling if ur plant needs water is by lifting the pot when the soil is dry and then lift it up after watering so u can see the difference putting ur finger in soil isnt the best way to tell , one of the best ways ive seen is when ur pot is sitting in the tray thats under ur pot pour ur water into the tray and let ur plant suck up the water from the bottom u will know when ur soil is done taking water it wont suck up anymore water then all u do is empty the tray of any water then place back under Ur pot and now leave it for a few days after three days go back and lift ur pot to feel the weight if its heavy leave it for another three days and repeat until u feel the pot is much lighter then u can water again but u water from the top this time what this does is it makes sure theres no dry pockets in ur pot it makes sure all ur soil is damp

Few Leaves of plant has started to dry , so now i have watered them with hydrogen peroxide in 1:10 ratio after keeping it in sunlight for 1 day, now will be putting in shade