Should I Water Her?

Hello! This girl is about 3.5 weeks old, and I’m wondering if she could use some water. I’m very hesitant to water because I’ve killed a bunch by overwatering, but she seems to be wilting a little. Im using FFHF soil + 20% Perlite in a three gallon fabric pot.

Thank you!!!

It is hard to overwater you plants at this stage especially with fabric pots. You should water until runoff.

The problem isn’t overwatering, it’s watering too often. After watering you need to wait 3 or 4 days before watering again.

If you are OCD about checking your plants every 3-4 hours like most of the eager growers on this forum, then it won’t hurt your plants if you let them go too far and dry out and wilt a little, they will recover quickly.

Pick up the pot. Does it feel light and dry? If so, water it until run off.


Yes. Water heavily and don’t water again until the soil is dry. Cannabis likes wet/dry cycles.

I don’t know that I would water until runoff yet as she isn’t that big and won’t have filled out the pot yet. There is a lot of soil that her roots can’t get to yet. I water a pint every few days when they are that size.