Should I use the twin as a clone?

I want to start a mother plant asap. Will the twin used as a clone work? @Countryboyjvd1971 @Majiktoker any thoughts on this?

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Why not try it she’s healthy maybe you’ll be surprised again :+1::v::cowboy_hat_face:
Why do you think you shouldn’t? She showing any type of genetic defects

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no signs of defects. The “big twin” is a strong plant. the little twin is just small. from lack of light i assume. genetically they should be identical, right?

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I would think so but if it where me I would take clones from the big one

day 46 time to switch the lights? Hi guys my grow has gone great. I am trying a 3 plant scrog. i rhink i will start flower in a couple of days. am i early late or on time? the net us 20 inches from the fl


@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31


That’s the beauty of photoperiods and screens. You can fill them in till you are ready and then flip the lights. In most cases it takes two weeks to actually begin flowering so add that to your estimated 60 days of flowering.

So, really up to you. I think I’d do a little more tucking.

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I’m with bob I’d hold off a bit and get they tucked under screen/net so they get train to grow out exposing more flower spots I have 4 in my tent and I switched when I had 80% or screen full and will continue to tuck for the two weeks streach period and yet that I’ll let them grow and if need be install second screen to hold colas up :grin:

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I am getting impatient. I have max 12 to 18 inches room above net before the light is too close. Can I keep tucking for 10 days and be ok?

You can keep tucking all you want. But I hear you on your height restrictions. If your worried about the height then flip the switch. You can still keep tucking them until the stems start to harden off.

Yeah if hieght is a problem them flip them
They will still be tuckable during the two week streach period after that stems will probably harden to much to continue to tuck them without causing damage

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time to update the twin. in the below picture, the twin is the top in the dead center that looks different. as the plant grew the twin didnt get light. i created space for it as i scrogged and it made it to the canopy. it will be interesting to see if it produces 1 good cola


You still growing these gals ?@AMUSED2DEATH

sure am 6 weeks into flower @bob31. i have grow log called 3 plant amenesia,haze scrog.


Looking yummy brother @AMUSED2DEATH

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