Should I use liquid nutrients during flowering?

This is my first grow. I chose to do it outdoors in a 20 gal pot with fox farms ocean forest soil and so far it looks like it’s growing fairly well. I’m just wondering if I should use some liquid nutrients like Tiger Bloom or something to help buds get bigger. If so what would you guys recommend?

P.s I may have over trimmed her a bit


She looks great. Good work.

There’s nothing on her that screams feed me, (surprisingly). At some point there will be something missing, but man do I hate to throw off a great grow by adding something the plant doesn’t need.

Do you check runoff ppm or pH?
If you do use nutrients like tiger bloom make sure you test the pH just before pouring into the soil. Optimally you want pH 6.5. Do not skip pH.


You’re plants look great ! @Drinkslinger has got you covered .


Thank you! I have not checked either of those tbh. Ill probably hold off on the tigers bloom for now then but I’ll make sure to check ph if I decide to use it.

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Keep doing what you’re doing. If you start to see spots, discoloration, leaf issues, anything that seems off, take some pics and post them. We’ll straighten it out :+1: