Should i use calmag+ w/ flush

Pretty sure I have a calcium problem and am about to flush with sledge hammer and boomerang should I add calmag+

Thoughts please

No it would be pointless to add calmag when trying to flush

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Thanks @Majiktoker was just checking

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No problem :+1:

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Should I mix Cal Mag as a foliar spray?

If you really have a calcium deficiency, yes foliar spray with cal-mag could help, just don’t forget to foliar spray wash with only distil, or any kind of 0 ppm water to “flush” excess solution that might be present has residue on the leaves later on (I will recommand to do it in the beginning of light schedule and wash it 3 to 4 hours before lights goes off and stop fan in the during of the time of absorption when you spray cal-mag and restart the fan after “foliar flush”) (when I say “foliar flush” that doesn’t mean to drench, just a slight mist until little drop are falling from leaves) to leaves has the time to dry a little before light goes out :wink::innocent:

Hoping that’s useful information and helping you @Wishingilivedina420state



Thank you @Niala


You’re welcome @Majiktoker , always a pleasure to help when I can :wink::innocent::v:


@Niala thanks I think I’ll do that in the morning.

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My pleasure and you’re welcome :innocent::v:

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Don’t forget the benefits of milk!


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 As far as the flush its a personal choice--some flush with 6.3 and close to zero ppms and others will mix a balanced nutrient solution at 200 ppms or below and flush at 6.3. Since your removing all the nutriant salts with a flush it would be less stress on the plants with a mild balanced nutrient solution but many have done it without.


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I would look over them real close with a magnifying glass… it almost looks like something might be eating your plants…