Should I use Azamax or Neem oil before flowering


My Blueberry autoflower will begin flowering in a couple of weeks.
I’m growing 2 plants.
They are indoors In a 2 x 3 grow tent.
It’s very clean with no signs of pests or mold.
I want to be proactive to minamize any chance of having pests during upcoming flowering stage.

Should I use Azamax or Neem oil?
I don’t want to harm the Ladies but don’t want any pests during the flowering.
I’ve never used either but heard they both work well.
When should I spray the plants?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Use of neem oil in flowering stage can affect the taste of your buds since it stick to buds and is hard to rince but it’s very effective in prevention …

In flowering stage I recommand Azamax since it left praticly no residue or sticky oil and can be use until harvest. And you can start now, and spray ounce every 2 weeks in prevention or if you foliar feed spray, 1 day or 2 after each foliar spray feeding.

In hope that’s gone a help you @Josephsv and welcome to ILGM forum :grinning:

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I don’t have any insects now.
Was thinking to spray now to prevent them from possibly coming during flowering.
Do you think this a good idea or should I leave them alone?
Thanks for helping👍


Welcome . mixing dimiscus earth in your medium/soil before the grow. Some soil brands like Nector of the gods already has it in their soil.



Like I mentioned, yes, it’s a good idea in prevention, espacelly if you have had some issues before, and follow the instructions of the product and no more then ounce per 2 weeks for prevention

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I hate to keep bothering you about the same question.
But just to clarify.
You are talking about using Azomax now, correct?
Not Neem oil.



Yeap, Azamax, not neem oil is my recommandation and you do not bother me at all, it’s a real pleasure to help fellow grower’s …:wink::innocent::grinning:

So, it’s a go for Azo, lol :wink: :innocent: :v: Azamax to be clear…


Thanks Niala.
It’s my first grow and I don’t want to hurt the Ladies.
I’m learning a lot from this awesome forum and helpful people like you.
Hopefully I’ll be on the other side helping others.
Thanks again!


You’re welcome and in time I am sure you’ll be able to help others :wink::+1::ok_hand::grinning::innocent: