Should I use a propagator?

This would be my first grow, I’m only starting with 2 maybe 3 seeds. Should I use? and if so should I get the heating pad as well.?

Also, do I still germinate my seeds the paper towel method then plant them in the Seed Starting Tray with Dome?


Personally, I like to use a heat mat for germinating, but it’s not absolutely necessary as long as the seeds are kept warm. Also, if you’re going to use a heat mat, you’ll need a thermostat to go with it so you can dial in the temperature, otherwise you wind up drying your seeds.

I don’t use the paper towel method, instead I put the seeds straight into Rapid Rooters and back onto the heat mat under the dome.

OK, what about something like this, Will this work? also Should I put them in the grow tent? Thanks

Yes, that will work. They look similar to Rapid Rooters.

Yes, put them in your tent under your light.

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OK thanks Lights are also another issue I’m confused about wattage . I wanna use t5 ho fluorescent but confused about how many to use, how many watts etc. What do you recommend?

Thanks alot for the help btw

What about something like this?

If this will work how many should I use? At most I’m only starting 3 seeds. These lights will only be for seedlings. Thanks

One of those lights will be just fine for three seeds. Seedlings don’t need much light. I use a T5 for germinating, they work great.

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OK well that’s great then. Would this light be fine? This ones at Walmart

walmart Dot com/ip/Sun-Blaster-0900304-4-54W-6-400-K-SunBlaster-T5-HO/49661231#

Yeah, I think that should be fine for seedlings, at least for the first two weeks.

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Your in good hands with @raustin @weedify
I personally have a heat mat but only run mine in colder months during summer i find its not needed
A propagation station is a good idea held maintian humidity and warmer temps
Welcome and happy growing