Should I use a bloom booster

I have completed 4 grows, some with decent success. I have always struggled with heat issues in summertime in my basement. I recently upgraded From a homemade cabinet, ventilation and viparspectra 300 to:

HLG 3000k in a spider farms tent With a solid ventilation system. Maybe this will help my summertime heat issues. Only one white widow auto going which is 29 days in and on the verge of flowering.

I have been re-using soil for three grows and using
fox farms all purpose 5-5-5
A little blood meal because I have run into nitrogen issues in the past.
In flowering I have used A 50/50 mix of jobes organic tomato (Because i have It on hand) and Roots organic uprising.
I also add epsom salt every few weeks.

Girl is looking good with some LST

Question is should I add a red light as a bloom booster? Add a bloom booster like growganica incredible bulk or something else? or just leave it as is?

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I would recommend a bloom booster with those nutrients.

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