Should i trime the fan leaves

Should i trim these fan leaves off these girls the first pic is of a photo-period kush and the others are of wedding cake autoflower and pineapple express autoflower i want to cut them to help more light to get through but dont want to stress them. Just an fyi the wedding cake and pineapple express just started to show the sex and kush hasn’t seen 12 on and 12 off yet i think :pray::crossed_fingers: “she” will be a beast. One more question should i top the kush this late, all of them are only a month and eight days old from seed to now.
Let me know if more information or pictures will help


I wouldnt take any of at this point. They look good and not overcrowded.

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Ok they still have more room i can still move them another two feet apart but im trying to give them the most light possible im very happy with them the kush fans leaves are almost the size of my hand its crazy big nine point fan leafs.

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Yes i did notice i spelled it leaves lesson learned always proofread :roll_eyes:

@Newbie01 LoL no worries we all do it​:joy: go read some of my post :person_facepalming:

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Only trim the fan leaves if they are blocking light or dying off.