Should I trim smaller less productive branches this late

Outdoor grand daddy purp feminized
Northern Virginia
Fox farm fertilizer, tiger bloom at the moment

My plants have exceded expectations and are 7ft tall × 6ft wide, appears to be in the pre flower stretch phase I’m guessing. Is it recommended to trim smaller branches and or leaves that are not big and not productive areas of the plant. Is this a bad idea this late in the season or would it benefit my plants. Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated.

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I would wait until you are actually in flower for about two to three weeks. I would suggest removing everything that is near or touching the ground and make sure you have ample airflow through plants. If in a humid environment you may want to really remove a lot of plant material to prevent bud rot.


Thanks for the advice. I have another newbie question if you wouldn’t mind. My plants have had white pistols for 3+ weeks now but no significant bud growth. In sure this is normal and I expect a mid October harvest in my area ( northern Virginia)

Too many bud sites to count, should I switch up nutrients or even add to what I’m currently doing for a higher more potent yield? I went a little overboard with the topping. Any advice or suggestions is much appreciated

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Just my opinion but i do remove any bug sucker leaves that are in the way of any flower sites. If you thin/trim the lower 20% of your plants leaves and useless limbs that will boost your yield significantly… as the flowers grow do more of the same to increase air flow within the inner plant flowers. Best of luck @CHutch