Should I Trim or Trigger Flowering?

ILGM Masters, I could use some sage advice here. This is a Blue Dream clone, about 6 weeks old. She is in FFOF soil and pretty much all I’ve done so far is water her (a very thirsty girl) and treat her for aphids with garlic spray. To me, she looks a bit thin, ie, not so bushy so I’m thinking about cutting off the top 12" and flipping the lights in another week or so. If she’s really going to double in size during flower stage, I’m going to have to punch a hole in the roof to accommodate, She is about 4.5 ft tall now. What do you think? I have marked some possible cut points for those who think I should trim first and wait awhile to switch the lighting to 12-12:


Lower would probably be better if that’s all you have for height. I would see how it responds before deciding when to flower. You may be able to supercrop branches and get her to fill out nicely.

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Cut 4 and clone lol. It be a huge clone if it survives. Lower light so it becomes a nice bush.

@Killadruid, have you tried to clone that big before?

I have a ton of 1.5-2 foot branches I’m going to be cutting. Interested in “monster cloning”!

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No I havent I’ll google it quick and see that would be a sweet clone tho basically it’s own plant. My dad did some decent size ones that had some size to them. They worked out for him.

I’m thinking of cutting, them putting in flower vase with air bubbler.

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I would do it. I wouldnt see y it wouldnt work as long as u get good amount of rooting hormone on the exposed stem. I’d make sure the stem had alot in the ground.

Thanks for helping. so, do you think it’s going to be safe to amputate at ‘cut 4’ in the image above? That would mean cutting the plant roughly in half - could that potentially kill the whole thing?

I’m interested in the answer as well :slight_smile:

Tie it down . fold it over from the top.

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Dont cut

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Thank you for responding, do you mean crease the stalk and let it flop over to the side or bow the thing over with string and tie it down? Won’t that only expose one side to the light and shade everything else?

The plant will reach for the light no matter what. I was thinking starting down from the top below the fork on cut 3. Slowly work it over yes tie down.

Cutting it about midway would still leave you half dozen nodes from looks of it, maybe more. Plenty of plant material to continue processing. From that perspective the damage to plant isn’t really any different than cutting off a few inches.

It’s too far to supercrop that low. You would have 2’ish hanging over the side of pot with no support. When tops start forming out of other branches it weigh that part of the stalk down to much in my opinion.

You’re also going to have fix the stretch issue or you’ll be back in same boat before too long.

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I’ll share a pic tonight when the lights come on of what I did to an outside plant that I brought inside after my power went off for 3 days and two of my 3 inside plants hermied (I was 1 week into flower)

Thanks for getting back to this. I’m thinking I’ll do the following:

  1. Cut at ‘cut 3’ (or a little above it)
  2. Wait a week
  3. If all goes well, add some nutes and flip lighting to 12-12
  4. If I run out of vertical grow space, I’ll bend the thing over with string until harvest has been completed.

Make sense?

Makes sense to me if it makes sense to you.

I just bent the whole top over and tied it off to the bag as taut as i dared…This is my first time growing my own medicine and I’ve learned EVERYTHING I know from this site…these plants are bag seed (reggie) lol but so far so good on sexting them which to me was by far the most intimidating part…I think I’ve found my calling.