Should I Trim Or Prune My Marijauna Plants?


Cannabis plants trim or pruneIs it advisable to prune or trim my marijuana plants?

Indoor marijuana plants tend to produce many branches prior to flowering. Each of these will produce a bud at some point. The resources of the plant, however, are stretched pretty thin. With trimming, you eliminate a few of the growing points, allowing the marijuana plant to put more energy into a smaller amount of branches. You’ll end up with fewer buds in the long run, but they will be of much higher quality.

Fan leaves that cast shadows on growing buds need to be excised so that the buds can receive an adequate amount of light.



Hi Robert, is the fim method recommend or super cropping better as I would like to get as much info as possible for when my amnesia seeds I ordered from you arrive, can’t wait im like a little kid waiting for Christmas :smiley: cheers


I must say; Healthy green fan leaves that shade a part of the plant should be gently folded out of the way, not removed \as a rule. Fan leaves play a vital part in the cooling and respiration of the plant; So, you should attempt to keep them until they turn yellow and are ready to fall off.

When you do prune; Always attempt to leave at least a leaf at the node end. The leaves are what draws nutrients and water to the top of the plant. Peace

As always. All growers do it their way. You will too someday.