Should I trim? or not

A question from a fellow grower:

Should I trim water leafs ? Outdoors and about 6 weeks , some in pots others in ground . but most of them are starting to flower .

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It is preferable to allow the plant to grow naturally, especially outside. If you must prune at all; You would prune the “sucker shoots” below where the main stem splits. This is the small stems that grow out at the bottom and will never amount to much.

Remember; Trimming off excessive amounts of leaves from your mature plant will cause stress, and will cause your yield to suffer. :slight_smile:

In fact; When you remove them; Root them, and you will have clones of your plant. :slight_smile:


top the plant but leave the guard leaves the plant gets water and sugers unless yellow and falling off then it need nitrogen

Trimming a plant, and topping a plant are 2 different things. PLease stay on topic.

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I said to leave the guard leaves on. Sorry there nothing wrong about telling someone top a plant it will increase the yield and try not to take off guard leaves

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I pull off the big yellow leaves at the bottom. Also the little suckers that are growing on the lowest branches. I want all the plants’ energy to go to the forming buds and not little baby leaves at the bottom of the plant. I think it’s normal that there are yellow leaves dropping off at this stage. My plants are outside and now 3 1/2 months old.

Yup that’s all good MT But Latewood was right topping and removing your leaves are to different thing. And as this person stated they are starting to flower and that is what you don’t want to do is top a flowering plant.
Also water leaves or fan leaves are like solar panels that disturbs energy through out the plant with out them the plant it self will suffer and so won’t your yield.

just my opinion

B Safe

Thanks Garrigan … agree with you.

NO it doesn’t. This is another myth. Topping makes more bud sites, and that does not necessarily equate to more yield. With proper lighting you will get the same yield from both topped and up-topped plants.

Once again. :unamused: Member was not asking for opinions; He was asking about trimming fan leaves.


I grow outdoors and tie mine down a little bit NL those small stems grew into nice kolas still 7 foot tall latewood is right this shoudnt be done while flowering sorry