Should I trim off a bunch of fan leaves from this lady?

I have a strong desire to trim off a bunch of the fan leaves but most here say don’t. Tucking away does not help as by the next day it is almost back where it was. In all of the pics I see here the plants look trimmed or at least no where as full as this lady. I am running out of space now too. Amnesia Haze Autoflower at 11 weeks veg. Still no signs of flowering. I am going to change the lighting to 12/12 today to try and induce flowering.

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You’re not going to gain a whole lot of space by trimming her back because your canopy will still be the same size.

Some trim and some don’t. I do. I train (trim) mine as it grows. As a general rule, I leave 3 to 4 nodes below the tops remaining, and if a leaf isn’t getting light, then it comes off. Be careful though. You never want to take off more than 25 - 30% of the lower vegetation without giving the plant a couple of days to recover. You can then go at it again.

Here’s one of my plants. It is pretty cleared out underneath. The plant has also had the bottom two nodes taken completely off and those nodes have been buried. That knuckle you see next to the soil is actually the plant’s third node.

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You know I have seen people for and people against pulling leaf. I am kinda new at it but have a few good grows with good yields and dense bud. Granted the little one in underbrush don’t get very big they are dense still. Here’s how I see it and I could be wrong. But I see leaf as little batteries soaking up light and co2 till the plant goes into flower then the energy transfers into forming buds. So the more leaf the better. I strip off the top canopy 2 weeks after they show signs of flowering giving the bud sites light they need a few at a time as not to shock them. Here’s what mine look like before and after and hair cut.

like I said it’s personal choice and we all do thing different and learn from what works for us. Happy growing my friend


I go by a bit of LST. And removing dying lower leaves keep the giant lower fan leaves. I’ll also remove flowering bits and pieces down under canopy as they won’t get to be big buds, also good for airflow. Bear I’m mind that pre stretch you don’t wanna cut future flower sites, look at lighting penetration from different angles opening up light by selectively and removing leaves to encourage growth. Turn the plant around - study it’s growth, take pictures will help see the growth patterns. It’s a learning curve.


I just looked at my seed package and it is NOT auto flower. So I didn’t get what I ordered. :frowning:


Contact customer support with your order number and they will fix it .

Same thing happened to me and ILGM mad it right.