Should I trim it didn't get very big


Like whats ur question? Trim what? Lookin good

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Trim some of the excess leaves it didn’t get very big so the lst is difficult cause the branches didn’t get very long its about 7 weeks old and about a week into flower

You could prune her a little. I do indoors for air flow and light, but if your outside I would let her ride. How many weeks old? She looks like she just about to flower?

I also do inside but I’m only running a mars hydro 1000 and I have 2 under it and they seem to explode outside then i take them in at night and go under the light

She could stretch to 3 times the size during this time. I would wait another week and then reevaluate.

If its blocking potential bud sites then yes. Ur already in flower? How often u water?

I water when the soil feels dry i just watered heavy last night but these hot days really suck it up but usually every day or 2 depending on dampness started using big bloom every second watering at 1/4 strength

thats what I’ve read its just looking like some bud sites might get blocked in the growth

It looks a little over watered but not horribly. I cut all bottom stems that are blocked even with lst and certain fan leaves blocking upcoming shoots

coming back from the heavy watering and I double checked its 13 days into flower doesn’t really like the nutrients

Is it the lighting or are the leaves showing some discoloration?
Do you PH water in and runoff?
Just use big bloom? how about grow big and tiger bloom for balanced feeding?

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I just use big bloom right now only 4ml per every other watering but I know the water is on the higher side of the ph scale i don’t have a meter but after a feeding seems to burn the tips and bring on blotchy burns im thinking that the soil is still packing some nutrition may hold off a week or so on feeding

Some plants don’t seem to mind a higher PH while do not tolerate it at all. Recommend getting a PH pen and PH up down.

Any recommendations I’ve seen some cheap ones but not sure which is most accurate for the price