Should i trim fan leaves?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

should i trim fan leaves


You can trim on the bottom and a couple here and there less is more. This helps for airflow through your plant there’s a couple very good article’s on here for this join the forum and read and research and ask questions the the help on here is probably the best on the internet


Healthy looking plant. When I have a bush like that I start to pull off the suckers or would be clones on the inside of the plant. I don’t touch the fan leaves. Sucker are bud sites but if they are not getting enough sun they will pull energy away from the strong bud sites causing smaller buds. I know it’s hard to pull off would be buds but that will open up your plant without pulling off your fans leaves.
Either way you will have a nice harvest because you gave your plant a great start on life.
This technique also works well for tomatos.

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