Should I trim fan leaves

This my sour diesel week 5 want to start flower bout 2 weeks also growing amnesia haze, trainwreck in a 2×4 scrog


She’s a beauty. You can trim some fans if it’s getting very dense to open up some air flow, but do it sparingly. Don’t go crazy!

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Thks will do just around bud sites some are hidden under leaves

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It looks great! I am totally new to growing MJ. I didn’t even know what Marijuana plant looks like until 3 months ago. Past 3 months, I have been researching and study all I can about how to grow MJ, mainly to extract RSO for my husband. * He has stage 4 brain cancer. The chemo is helping him, but the chemo is very hard on him. I just start to germinate 5 banana kush, but my plant is so skinny and tall. I am trying to fix the problem now. So, when I see plant looks so good like yours, I can’t help but wonder what am I doing wrong.


Hi, @THCCBD, I’m very sorry to hear about your husband. Maybe we can help you with your plants if you post a new thread and upload some pictures.


U will get a lot of people telling u not to but I listened to @raustin and trimmed my NYC Diesel and it really made a huge difference it filled right back out but what would have been larfy bud sites will now b nice dense buds. Just trimmed where u want more light to get to mostly middle fans. Here’s a pic of mine before and after.


Thanks, raustin!
I will gather some photos and start new thread.


Are you planning on scrogging all 3 of them in your 2x4 tent? Just a heads up, you’ll probably be ok with 2, but not the 3rd. If you had started them in the net earlier, then flipped earlier, you might have been good to go. I’m not trying to be a naysayer, as I try to cram as many plants in as I can, myself. :grinning:

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I’ve had 4 in this tent using 3 gallon pots no problems I agree but space very limited

Have you scrogged them in that space?

Yeah last grow 4 girl scout cookies 3 gal little over 19oz

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Ah, so you don’t use the net for a true scrog, so you don’t have to worry about running out of net space. Looks good. Happy growing!

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Update removed quite bit fan leaves you think this is enough

Looks good. You don’t want too remove to much.

Thks I think this should be enough

I can see soil. Which means so can some of the light. Nice color too

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There is a technique called shwazzing. You remove most of the fan leaves right before the switch to flower, then remove more 3 weeks later

All of the pros are pretty much in agreement to never remove fan leaves unless the health of the plant is at stake. They are your sugar production and if you remove them the plant can’t bulk up. Remember that the flowers need no light; it’s only the leaves that perform that role. If mildew or pests are a problem then some careful thinning may be in order. Try to tuck leaves when you can.