Should I trim an Auto? Flower Stage

Hey everyone so I’ve been growing this pineapple auto for about 6 weeks now, i stunted its growth in the 2nd week with nutrient burn but now its thriving. It just started flowering in week 6, i wanted to post a few pictures of it and get any recommendations of what i should do with it. its really bushy and low so idk if i should trim some of the veg or not cause of it being an auto

check it out!

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Looks good, I’d leave it alone. + I would imagine you don’t want to stress the plant again, it might mess with the auto’s growth pattern. Just a guess, Some more experts will chime in.

It looks shaped nice. I would let it stretch and then do a heavy defoliation once you see the vertical growth stop. Should be around week 3 or 4 in flower. I do 2 heavy defoliations in flower, one at 21 days and the last one at 42 days. Basically any leaf with a visible stem gets cut off, and yes every single leaf that has a stem showing. Seems like alot but a week after and you wont even be able to notice you did it.

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@Munchable - How about a progress report?

Hey my plant is doing great, it’s on its 2nd week of flower and I defoliated it last weekend a bit

Its on like week 8 or 9 right now, it got nutrient burn and was stunted

It smells great too btw, getting some tangerine dream auto seeds on monday, definitely going to pay attention to the training more this time. I kinda suck at seedlings so i got 10 seeds this time (I killed like 3 seeds/seedlings)

Going to try doing one in soil just straight dropping the seed in no transplanting

Thanks for asking for an update @LandShark

Glad to hear things are going your way! Your thread title caught my eye as I have 3 northern lights autos that are at the 6 week mark and in pre-flower stage, I was debating on whether or not to do some defoliating or not. I fimmed 2 of them and they seem to be alright, figured I might push the envelope a bit.

I actually trimmed it up alot more last night, taking everything off the bottom and just left the top 2 or 3 nodes ontop, pretty much just leaving the tops, i took off all the little extra shoots developing. I’m getting more seeds tomorrow so i think I’m going to just let it grow now. Tied some branches down to separate them more. I dont know if its going to flower in time since its already at its harvest time and its on week 3 of flower but this is my first grow so we’ll see.

Even if I dont get much yield I learned alot from it

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update timee, check this baby out

Haven’t trained it much just bent the top over one time, that’s why i got 4-5 long bois but its doing good, nutrient burned it alittle bit last week but brought the ppms down this week and the colas are just beefing up now, looks like a few weeks till harvest, i pretty much lollipopped it (i think thats what its called) taking all the useless undergrowth out

this was a great first time grow

got another baby one growing, a tangerine dream
going to focus a lot more on training it, and its my first soil grow