Should I transplant these seedlings?

Should I transplant? These are around 2 weeks from seed. And to what size should I transplant to if I should?

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What strain are they ? Autos or photos
You can safely transplant them if you want to
But I normally wait until i have four to five sets of leaves

What about this one ?
And yes those white lines are roots

Strain type ? Auto or photo ?
Clear pots are not the best to use
Roots dont like light
Do you have drain holes in pots ?

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Bag seed and yes I have multiple drain holes.

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Ok so here’s the deal photo stains indoor
five to 7 gallon pots are perfect
Autos indoors 2-3 gallon pots are perfect
The Bigger the pot bigger plants with photos
Autos will do what they want when they want
So i would use 5 gallon pots my self for your plants
Most of us use soft pots or fabric pots they work great allow plent of air to reach roots and prevent roots ftom binding up in pot
You can get them fairly cheap 5 5 gallon pots for under 15$

As far as last plant you posted yes you can transplant it if you wanted to
But its not needed yet
The others i would give another week or so then transplant them as well
I normally go from starter pit to final pot
Some will transplant twice from atarter pot to a one or two gallon pot and then to a five gallon of bigger pot ? Thats your preference
I perfer to only do it once and prevent any unneed stress to the plants