Should i transition to Flower mode


she seems plenty big already, what do you all think?


Looks like about that time to me .


Yes, she sure looks ready. How old is she? If she is past 4 weeks, then definitely. :slight_smile:


I will agree time to switch


she sprouted 10-16-16…i was kind of waiting for another plant i have 10 days behind to grow but either its the strain or its a slow grower, it hasent even shown its sex yet, and its quite small… ok so far i have 19 hours of light, so i should progressively bring it down an hour a day till i get to 12/12 right?


I’m going to vote Yes :thumbsup:

Just switch it right at 12:12 you don’t need to go down in increments


You can go right to 12/12 :+1:


ok…i read somewhere here on switching over to bloom nutes requires a transition… so far ive been alternating feedings between FF grow big and FF big bloom… im using the fox farm trio pack…plus mammoth-p

edit… when do i start the nute trasition, when i start seeing flowers? how long in 12/12 will it take for the plant to start flowering? sorry for so many Q’s im a total noob this is my first grow, and would like to use this as a learning expereince before i plant a couple of ILGM WWA…they arrived yesterdday!


You can just follow the Grow schedule it will produce a nice grow and is adjustable if you start having issues or need to flower longer

transition will be a week and a half or two weeks first you will start seeing bud sites ( those are the future nuggets ) if you have some just after transition in first part of flowering is when to start adding Open Sesame to the mix . Good luck


Thanks oldstoner…ill need to order some open sesame …i hear terpinator is good too


I think terpinator mostly sweetens the taste increasing flavor and aroma. Open Sesame actually increases the number of bud sites and the yield of the plants .:cactus::banana::tomato::apple::grapes:


I was just at the grow store asking about Terpinator and he showed me something 3 times the price, I think it was called Rock resinator, anyone familiar with it supposedly it increases oil production