Should I top this auto?

If so when? Thanks

Yes and now before its to late @Fever


I was expecting g that @Majiktoker now I need to look up how to do it

Thanks for the info @Majiktoker, I thought we couldn’t top an auto, because of the reduced vegetation period. Learn somethin new everyday

Pinch out the top nodes (top leaf diet to were you have branches coming out. When you have 2 branches with no top, the 2 branches will be your top colas hope this helps

Yes it makes it have a fuller bloom makes more out of it, just have to catch it early enough

Oh ok, so you can top and auto, just has to be done early on. Thanks this will come in handy when my autos get here

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Yes exactly

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I’ll be calling in on you when it gets about thay time my brother

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Sweet ill be here @Hawkeye_diesel when your ready

This is a WWAUTO.that I topped and used a little LST. Second week of flower. Showing a little nuts and light burn love that LST.:sunglasses::mask:


@OldStealth how much yield do you expect to get with that plant?

About an ounce and a half to two. 8 colas lots of light. Should be a great harvest with my small space.:sunglasses: