Should i top these plants?

Should I top these girls ? I plan on transplanting them soon as well and so my question is. When should I top and where at? I have two auto blueberry xbigbuds and two wedding cake feminized plants. Also when should I LST ? Do you do all these training techniques or just one? Also how do I know if they are for sure females?

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The blueberry are ready to top above 5th node.
Cake 1 is can be topped above 4th node or above 5th after she grows a little more (allow for stub above node at cut). Cake needs a little more time. Then above 4th or 5th node.
They look a little stretched out. After some recovery time lower the little a few inches.

Here are a couple of LST examples
Topped at 4th node

Plant topped at 3rd node
Tied down