Should I top or not?

I’m not sure. It’s still new to me. I tried it late in veg last year outside and fell in love with the results!

This year, I encountered autos and learned a lesson in topping is not always the way to go. Or, I thought I learned…

Yeah, I did it in a stoned moment of thinking about getting it ready for my first attempt at an outdoor SCROG. (Yeah, it! I don’t know anything about it except that it came from a bag full of seeds that a local dealer has found over the year in his med bags.)

My thing is this…

Seed from same source, same age, same conditions except for the pot choice and the topping.

Actually, the one in the square pot looked the best until I topped the other one. That’s why it Was in the square pot. I heard it helps avoid becoming root bound. Anyway…

I know different strains grow at different rates and I hear different sexes do as well. But the difference in the two’s vitality!

I do kind of regret leaning it over so soon. I’m thinking of removing the wire holding it over. I think the stalk may be closer to the ground than I want.

Input about the topping?

While I’m at it, here is an update on my auto lesson. Trying to see if a second harvest is worth keeping an auto around.

The Flav

SLOW recovery! But her smoke is good enough that I’ll be pleased with any of it. We’ll see.

For topping wait till 4-5th node - good idea to feed after you top also

I topped just above the 5th node I believe. I would double check right now, but the g-grandson is being pretty needy and I really don’t want him “helping” me yet! Lol

I believe the small one in the square pot is already sprouting her seventh. Again, will check once he forgets he’s wanting me. Two years doesn’t build much attention span. Lol

Ok, just had the chance to check. Topped just above the 4th node. Other is just starting to put off 6th set.