Should I top or just let her go?

Hi gang,
I just brought this outdoor plant into my new tent and it looks like it’ll be too tall soon.
Is it OK to FIM or has that window closed?
Also how’s the health of the plant look? All I’ve done is use tap water for the last 5 weeks and I’m sure it needs Cal-Mag and probably some grow nutrients.
My FF trio nutes should be here Friday along with Cal-Mag +.
It’s 18” from the light and it’s set at 50% power.
I can raise the light about another 10 inches.
Any comments or tips would be helpful.

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As its not flowering, train away. You don’t have any signs of Cal-mag deficiency so please do not add any. I made this mistake and the plant was super pissed at me. Still recovering.

I grow super monsters so I use paracord and zip ties. I train them to grow horizontal. Because my plants get well past 7 to 8 feet tall indoors.

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Not too late! do as you please! Plant is looking super nice! Keep it up :slight_smile:

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She’s still very young, you’ll gain more by topping her. Start training immediately!!

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You’re in a tent now.
You are a god!!
Do what thou wilt dude!

Training will add time to veg, but will add weight at the end. Just depends on if you’re looking for quick turn around or quality and quantity.
I’m not trying to open the whole CalMag can of worms, but I use it on “water only” days on my ladies and they’re in fine shape, I think. It also seemed to help the ladies rebound quicker after training. And I’m in FFHF soil with all it’s goodness. And if you’re watering with RO or distilled water you HAVE to use it, or something similar, to be able to accurately Ph the water for the plant. Tap water has minerals for the chemicals to react to, RO and distilled do not. I’ve ceased using it outside as they’re moving into bloom, but inside, in veg, it’s still in use. And I do the whole 5ml per gallon when I use it.
But whatever works for you man!

Good looking girl!

Good Luck and Happy Growing!!

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Thanks for setting me straight on the Cal-Mag
I really appreciate it.

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What kind of soil are you in?
The million dollar question

All get or got CalMag…


With great power comes great responsibility . Lol

I’m gonna try my hand at training it. I assume If I FIM it I should do it first thing in the morning so she’ll have enough energy to heal throughout the day?

I would do it before lights out


IMPRESSIVE! I just got a seed shipment today. I think I’ll start some auto flowers outside.

The Granddaddy Purples up front started in mid-May inside, the sativa heavy New York Diesel were started mid-June and moved outside July 1st.
The FIM didn;t do much to the NYD but topping bushed out the GDP nicely.
I’m hoping for at least some impressive central colas on the NYD.
I :heart: that stuff!!

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Im afraid it’s in MG Performance Organic Potting Soil. I know, I know … oops

I was afraid of that :scream:

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You definitely need to start the FF nutes when you get them.
At least that MG isn’t full of those stupid time release pellets like the yellow bag crap the woman puts her flowers in…not smoke-able flowers…lol!

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I tossed an Ethos Apex bag seed in it and it just keeps growing. Soil was free and so was the seed but the education has been priceless.

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You didn’t specify but I assume it is a photoperiod plant. She looks good. I am all for topping and training indoor plants.
These are a bunch of clones I have been trying to delay and keep small. I had to up pot them because they were terribly rootbound. Once they were set free they shot up a couple of inches.

Four or five inches off the top please

I took off 3 or 4 growth points

Spread those branches out and tie them down. Do the same with the growth tips exposed from the topping. You gotta start somewhere. good luck

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They are Photoperiod and thanks for the advise, Y’all are really helping this newbie.

The deed is done :slight_smile:


These are in Performance Organics too.

Super Skunk

Dual Granddaddy Purple.

I ran out of Happy Frog on the 3 indoor pots and the 2 giant pots the NYD is in.
The GDP is in last years tomato soil…so…they’ve been getting FF since the start though and the soil was outside getting washed out all last winter.
The 2 GDP were left over from some seedlings I started for others. I couldn’t let them go to waste! LOL!
That pic is from like a week or more ago. They’re being forced into flower in a 27"x27" tent since sharing a pot they wouldn’t do much anyway. So - experiment!
The SS had been in the main tent but was way too stiff to train. First shoot I went to bend snapped. I taped it up and saved it, but voted it off the island. There’s another SS in the tent in HF and she spread out like butter on warm toast! Had to be the difference in the soils.
She doubled in size during the first week outside! LOL!

Happy Growing Everyone!

edit: You can also see the funky coloration on the leaves on the SS. The one in the HF had no such aberration. You can’t go wrong starting with the right base.

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