Should I top OG Kush AUTO early

… or just use LST.


I top all my autos as long as they are growing fast and healthy. How old? Got any pictures?


Yup. The key to topping autos (i hear n see) is doing it early and to healthy happy girls. Pics will help a mile. But if ur a first timer, I vote lst

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When I say healthy, I usually have about 5 nodes by 14-18 days from sprout. And Ill top at the 4th or 5th node


@PurpNGold74. @HornHead

Thanks Guys… I haven’t started the grow yet, so no pics. I had to put my 1st grow off for several months. That is why I decided to get in a quickie 1st.

Ahhh. Yes practice with the free bagseeds. Very wise. I did the same. Then just left her outside to grow. Didnt even smoke her harvest. Just was my little experiment that i pruned and lst’d and topped nearly to death. Got my lumps… no miracle grow, ph ph ph, lighting, bug fights. Then i moved to ny money seeds. Killd 4. Harvested 1… got 28 grams… lessons learnd. Next grow was 5-600 grams of grade a dense nuggs.

Its all a learning experience.


You can FIM or top and LST at same time. I highly recommend LST on autos, I have grown both ways and the LST always produce more. I hate tooting my horn but this is my WWA from last year. She started as the runt and was one of my best producers.

I FIM at the 4th node and start LST a week after-


You should always toot your horn with that plant!


These are both ww autos. I topped the right plant and only lst’d the left one


Lst for the win again

Edit: i apparently dont know my right from my left :joy::joy::+1:t5: