Should I top at this stage?

My outdoor plant is about three feet or so, should I top it? If so, how much should I take off? Would appreciate help, thanks.

3’ is a late start for topping. Most will top at the 4th full set of leaves. Let it grow good and then top again…

But, yes, the plant can still be topped. As long as it’s not into flowering strong, it shouldn’t be a problem.
It does make a difference if you are growing outdoors or indoors. The sun hours are now getting shorter.

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Thanks for responding. If I do top now, how much should I cut?

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Topping now is the same as topping when its smaller
I wouldn’t top her is she showing signs of flowering
@tanlover442 has given good info

Do u have a photo of her? And how tall you plan on her growing?

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Topping is usually done at the growing tip/tips. Two basic methods: the FIM and cut above the stem to stalk juncture.

Hopefully another foot

I would start train her to get hervto open up @Doncurlex
Maybe some LST train :+1:

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