Should I Throw this Plant away?

Hey guys. I’m not too sure what happened to this plant but I think it’s dead. I thought I nutrient burned it at first so I kept only giving it water. Then all the leave started dying extremely fast. I tried giving it nutrients a couple days ago but it doesn’t seem to be bouncing back. Should I throw it away or does it still look savable ?

It’s a little rough, but it’ll still be something I’m sure.

Nug still look good and I noticed after removing a lot of the dead ones it had new ones coming in. So we’ll see. Worse case scenario I throw one out of 8 plants away. Heart breaking lol


U shouldn’t have to toss it man see how the new growth looks otherwise it looks like it would still turn out to me

@BigBuds92 that is a horrible looking cactus. I think you should burn it.