Should I “Thin” Out Some Branches To Redirect Growth For Bigger Buds?

I’m wondering if I should thin out this girl? Already lollipopped and some thinning of leaves.

But are there too many branches/buds? Will the plant be able to fatten all of them? Or should there be fewer so the plant can direct all energy to few buds (and make bigger buds)???

Each branch is stacked with buds and the are firm and dense. But they aren’t fat. Maybe that will come.

This was supposed to be a photo but it started to flower on its own on a 18/6 schedule. Been flowering 5 weeks.

What do you think???


I think thinning looks like a good idea, and it looks like you may be heavy on nitrogen. Maybe it’s just the pic, but awfully deep green.


Thanks for the response

What is the downside to too much nitrogen? I don’t see any I’ll effects on the leaves other than the dark green. Will it stunt the plant?

My other plant is much lighter. “Both” plants are in Autopots and feed from the same reservoir. I use Jacks + epsom salt + silica.

Last question, if I don’t thin it out, will it keep my buds from developing to big thick bulbs???

I was also concerned with mold but I have multiple fans blowing. Still it’s so this I can see a problem getting ready to happen.

To much nitrogen can cause foxtails.
Yes needs some stuff thinned out to redirect energy.


I mix my Jacks as directed. I’ll cut back on the nitrogen (not sure if that is A or B) but I’ll find out.

I’ll thin out. Suspected that was what was needed. Hard to cut branches with buds but I think it will improve what remains…I hope

Still learning. Thanks for taking the time to reply


Selectively harvest recommended0,
pick one cola,
a day,
give the “take some/leave some” program.
Dividend cashing and start practicing hang/cure routine.

My lady looks like I need more Part A, dull, less luster on the green.
More Part A?

I too have multiple fans, but I might thing the RH is the determinant for mold?

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