Should I take this off her?

I was just wanting some opinions it seems the very bottom branches are far behind the rest of the plant it’s only the bottoms two from the first node it is and ak47 auto beginning it’s second week of flower. Opinion needed.

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@kellydans @MrPeat

The bottom is the slowest part due to its not getting all the light that the tops get.

That’s understandable would you leave it if it was your plant or take it off? Will it amount to much this is my first auto and I have seen where you have grown some

It will catch up as long as it’s getting light

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It being an auto I think I’d leave it. I wouldn’t do anything to slow it down. If it was a photo I’d say take it.

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Thank you if it was a photo would be a perfect contender for a clone can’t wait for the plants in the pack to get big the different genetics and all getting cloned may not have to buy seeds for a while plan works