Should I switch to flowering?

A question from a fellow grower:

These OGKush feminized plants are 4 weeks old and have 10-12 nodes each and are 8" tall. Should I switch to flowering stage now.

I say no because they won’t yield much , to get a better harvest I would recommend vegging them another 4-5 weeks . But they are looking great though thanks for sharing .

Yoshi’s right that you won’t yield as much as if you let them go a while longer. But it also depends on how big your grow space is for flowering. Can your space accommodate that many plants? Do you have height concerns? Realize that their going to really stretch during flowering. Of course you can mitigate that somewhat by topping and training. But they will still get pretty bushy. As for mine I let them go for 6 weeks and then flip to 12-12. But I do have size restrictions I have to keep in mind. Also are these going to be their final pots? They look to be around what, 3gals? You don’t want to have your plants root bound either. These are just some considerations to keep in mind. But they do look like some happy plants. Good luck

look great it needs more time take your time or get auto flower

to small but under good light they wont take long 2 weeks mabey.

Well, I am glad I looked in here. 1st. You have seedlings there. Almost ready for nutrients. You are counting nodes wrong. We mean alternating sets of leaves. So each set equal 1 alternating nodes. You need 4-5 alternating nodes to start applying a 400 ppm nutrient solution.

You do ot want to flower until your plants are at least 12-18" tall, and even taller if you have the head room. :slight_smile:

Yup I agree with everyone. Way to young. Like Yoshi said, another 4 or 5 weeks.
But Mikea has some good points to consider

B Safe

I about had a heart attack starting this topic way to young to flower

This is 10 nodes