Should I stop giving nutes & molasses?

This is my first grow and I am at day 42 of flower. Growing in soil, using advanced nutrients jungle juice micro and grow along with dyna grow bloom. I have also been using unsulfured organic molasses the last couple of weeks.
My questions are as follows:

  1. Is there really a benefit to stop feeding nutes 10 - 14 days from harvest? I have read some people say yes, it makes the bud taste and smoke better while others will say it makes no difference.
  2. Some say if you stop giving nutes at the end of the plants cycle you are depriving it of necessary supplements it needs to grow while others say that’s b.s.
  3. If I stop giving nutes to flush per say, do I also stop giving molasses as it’s organic or continue feeding molasses till harvest?

Please any and all advise is welcome. The girls are doing very well to dates and I don’t want to hose anything up so close to harves, just want to do what’s best for them and end up with the best and tastiest bud I can.

All you want to do is stop adding chemicals for last 2 weeks if you’ve ever had weed that won’t stay lit burns really dark ash tastes harsh or even gives head ache you know what poorly flush weed is and why it is undesired. As for adding sugars to your water that is to hopefully add taste and support microbes in your soil so makes very little difference during flush, if you want to do shorter flush go hydro in the future most people that say a 2 week flush is robbing plants grow hydro. In hydro systems a flush can be as short as 4 days from harvest meaning 10 extra days your plant can eat but usually by that point your plant is almost entirely developed and not growing more buds.
Even if you stop giving nutes your plant will still take any that remain in the soil for about first 10 days of it’s flush so you aren’t depriving it you are simply reducing the excess that it would otherwise store and not put to good use

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@donaldj, thanks for the response! I think I’ll wait till it looks like approx 10 days from harvest (best estimate anyway) and then just go with water and occasional molasses feeding.

Thanks again!

if you have a ppm meter it would give you better idea when to start your flush because the goal is to be getting run off equal to what you put in before harvest.

I don’t have one but will look into one, any suggestions on a good one? Also I’m doing a Scrog grow so I can only test what little runs into the overflow tray…

Flush plant for 2 week’s (with 3x’s container size fro each plant) this rides the plant of Nitrogen then the plant only use’s P and K - that’s what really fattens buds in late flower - also improves taste

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Deff answered my question! Thanks guy