Should I stop feeding

Hew community, I’m so thankful to be amongst some seasoned growers. I’m growing northern lights Auto and I’m 5 weeks into flowering. My tricomes are not fully cloudy yet and my pistils are partly amber. Should I be stopping my feedings and flushing yet?



You look pretty dang close great job I’d wait 1 more week then flush them and give them 1 Tbsp each of unsulphured molasses and Epsom salt each watering to finish up

Thanks greatly!!! What does the molasses and epson salt do?

Add trace amounts of phosphorus and potassium and a good amount of cal mag to keep growth going along with sugar so that the flushed medium doesn’t leech the sugar in the plant , so you keep up resin production and all naturally so it doesn’t make your bud taste chemically

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Coooolllllll thank you! Ordering it now