Should I start Scrogging and defoliating

Hi growers.

I have these plants and want to flip to flower in a week… Should I put the net up now or as I start the flowering.

And when should I defoliate them?

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You can defoliate at any time before you flip. I defoliate as the plant ages and I start when the plant is just 3 weeks old. Anything that doesn’t get light or doesn’t contribute to flower development comes off. Never take off more than 25 - 30% of the foliage in one session, and if you do take off that much, then give the plant a couple of days to recover before you take any more off.

I would put the SCROG up after you defoliate so that you have room to work. You’ll want it up when you do flip so that you can tuck when the plant stretches after you flip.