Should I start pruning?

I posted 15days ago regarding transplanting. All of you were very helpful.
I’ve been reading up on pruning recently, but I’m not sure if my babies are ready. Advice, opinions?


At current size you will be ready for final transplant soon so any pruning would be better done when they get to their final pot


Looking over your plants I don’t see anything that needs pruning. If you are talking about some supercropping then right after transplanting is wise as @Donaldj pointed out. Be aware to minimize any topping if you are growing autos. If they’re photos; the more the better haha!

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beautiful ladies :+1:

Moved them to a happier place. :slight_smile:

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Since I’m growing indoors and I have limited space, what size pot can I use? I don’t think I have the space for buckets,(Camper.) Suggestions? Much appreciated.

3 to 5 gallon grow bags, auto’s have a shorter life span so you don’t need big buckets or grow bags. amazon has them cheep, $10 for 5 grow bags :+1:

My 6’ tall monster is growing in a 5 gallon cloth pot. You can go smaller if you want a shorter plant. They never get root bound in cloth pots because the rootlets grow out through the weave and get air pruned automatically. But don’t put them on the ground, or the roots can grow through into the dirt. Use some kind of grate.

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Welcome @CMcKinnon25
I had posted a few links about training your plants earlier on the support thread
Hope you had time to read them if not ill post them agian here

Here are 4 links that should help
I personally start with topping and then super crop my plants :seedling:


Thank you. I’ve saved them in pdf. Greatly appreciated. :smile:
I’m not sure how to use this site yet, (mobile) but I wanted to share a few photos of the recent transplant. I don’t have funds, and live far out of town so I make use of what’s around. I spend hours watching over them. I’m very attentive. Anywho, they’re doing great so far.

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Looking good and nothing wrong with making due with what you have
I recommend you buy a ph meter and tds meter even a cheap set is better than nothing if you dont already own them both will be needed
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Hope that helps a little
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You can start pruning when they are about 10 inches tall. The simplest form is to just pinch off the top little bunch of leaves. That “growing tip” releases auxins that say “I’m the top” to the rest of the plant. When you get rid of it, all the lower branches start growing so maybe they can be the top. You should see results within a week. You will have several “tops”.

When they all grow up as high as the original top, you can do it again with each tip. That stimulates even more side branch growth. You might want to stop there because growing tips turn into main colas. You need some to get good yield.

Other forms like FIM and supercropping take some technique you need to learn.