Should I start flower now or wait until the auto flower is ready for harvest

@OGIncognito is it best to mix silica cal mag bloom then raw ???

When I mix jacks, I go in with silica, calmag then the base nutrients and would assume the same for the Botanicare? What base nutrients are you using as in NPK? This will need to be modified if you’re adding additional PK :love_you_gesture:

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Filling in pretty good

@OGIncognito @beachglass @Docnraq @Graysin

All dead and dying leaves at the bottom any idea of what’s the cause it’s on all 4

Insufficient light is my first thought.


So really nothing to be worried about

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Agree with @Graysin the plant doesnt need them so its letting them go. Remove the dead leaves for sure. Nice canopy!

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25 days into flower I think