Should I start feeding her - straight coco

So yeah, like the title says should I start micro dosing this girl? She is only four days old but she’s a go-getter. I know you see dirt but that’s only because I ran out of coco and had to bury some stem. (Less than an inch of dirt) She’s not stretching she’s under plenty of light, she’s just growing. Anyway, start feeding or hold off for now?


The soil part has me stumped, have not done that yet, what nutrients are you using?

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A 9-3-6 foliage booster with cal. Mag. Cobalt, copper, iron, mang. Molybd. And zinc.

Have not used it either, what I would say is with that, wait until the cotyledons yellow and then start your feeding with about half strength.


Right on, appreciate it. And thanks for reading through the grow log!

no problem at all!