Should I SCROG or SOG

Hello out there, I am looking for advice on which way to go with regards to the above subject obviously the SOG method appears a lot easier than the SCROG method, working from above as opposed to underneath the screen! Has anyone out there used both methods and found a significant difference in yield over the other? Obviously the next question would be what I was going to use God’s Glue & GSC for this in 30 litre pots 2 plant to cover 1.2 meters 2, or 4 foot 2. I do have other varieties to choose from here if anyone thinks one of my other stains would be well suited to this Low Stress Training I would be interested in your thoughts on the matter!
The strains I have are as follows: GSC, God’s Glue, White Widow, AK-47, White Queen, Northern Lights, Auto Blue Amnesia, Insta-kush & Big Bud, MY Goal is to have in my possession the top 10 Highest THC Strains of 2018 some Classics & of course a few cup winners thrown in for good measure say 4-6 strains.
I don’t really like Auto’s as a rule although they grow faster, I prefer the traditional plants with a penchant for Indica’s as I suffer a few ailment’s including Chronic Pain. I prefer short bushy plants with high THC & High Yield’s , I hope this information helps you when recommending a strain to me

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I’ll refer you to other postings for great examples of each:

SCROG @Grandaddy013

SOG @Bogleg
Bogleg's "Dejah" Hybrid Grow (SOG-ish, Ebb and Flow, 4x4, COBs)


@MattyBear should be in there too :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

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that is backwards,
SoG is tough to master, unlike poking branches under a screen,
ScroG is simple, fill 80% of the screen and switch to 12/12,
with SoG u have to time the clones just right so they don’t get too tall in flower.!
i have done both, there is little to no yield difference,
SoG is a little more energy efficient.
2x SoG sisters about 16" tall above the pots, which is not ideal, i shoot for 18-20"…

I prefer scrog it brings lots of light to the buds & if you supercrop along with it you with it you will be thanking me.
Also look into the crystal & bananna kush here. They will put you on your butt! Both are high in thc & crystal is also high in cbds. The banana is higher in thc but a lil less in cbds.
Nonetheless Happy Growing! Sure you will be happy in whatever you decide.
I only pick mainly indica dominant strains that come with a warning! Lol

I wanna sog a hundred little clones

Thanks for the link

Many Thanks for the strain advice I will keep an eye out for those strains & I like your “Attitude’ It has to be Killer Indica & if it tastes like Hash " Im in Heaven” That’s for sure & bring on the couch lock I say!

Don’t we all without bringing any heat to your attention LOL

Nice looking babies you have there, Are they ‘White Widow’ by any chance?

nope,i think those 2 were reg. seed from a friend,
i also have 2 unknown bag seed moms, and some Nirvana strains,
all feminized… Ice, Misty Kush, and Critical CBD

i think my avatar was a ‘friend’s seed’ clone also…

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