Should I run some supplemental lighting

I am currently running 2 Led lights in a 4x8 tent . Here are the specs and a picture. My question is I have 2 450 Viparspectra blurples. Would it be helpful to run them along with current setup or a waste of electricity. I’m in 4th week of Flower. I just want to get some opinion’s on whether this would be helpful

  • High efficiency LED boards
  • Full-spectrum white, 660nm deep red, and 730nm far red
  • Reliable passive-cooled design
  • Better canopy light penetration
  • PPFD of 500 @ 24", 800 @ 18", 1450 @ 12"

I have the Viparspectra PAR 600 x 2 for a 4x4 tent. I switched to the HLG 260xl Rspec x 2. The plants seem to get better lighting to all parts of the plants.

Yeah same thing here, switched to Budget Led similar lights. I was just considering if during Flower if it would be beneficial to run the Viparspectra in addition to my new LEDs. The girls are doing great with current setup. Just wanted to know if it would help in flower growth.

Biggest issue I see right now is that you have light spilling into your whole space but you’re only growing in about a third of it. For the 2x6 area you’re growing in you probably have a good amount of light. But no reflective surfaces around 3 sides keeping most of the light on the plants.

Also not 100% sure about performance of those boards. Single point ppfd measurements don’t tell you enough about the light as to how it would perform in a space. They look good, but what is the measurement at ends of fixtures?

Hopefully this will help

I’m running the 3500k. The girls are doing well with current setup. I have 2 450 Viparspectras that I started out with. Just didn’t know if it would help with Flower production to run them also. Thanks for responding.

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The ppf is what’s needed to calculate light density, they don’t list it.

Yeah, the only info I was able to get was the ppfd. Which is listed in original question. Thanks for your help. You were talking about my space. I was in a 4x4 and was having trouble controlling temperature, so I went to a 4x8 so I could run a/c unit. Keeping temp at 79f while lights on. As far as running Viparspectra’s I didn’t think it was necessary just a beginner’s idea. By the way, I ordered Photo Boost strips from Pacific light Concepts I’m going to build custom light for my next grow. I believe you are the one who suggested video on YouTube on how to do a custom lighting.

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Yup, there’s a lot of manufacturers that do that. They take a measurement at highest point and that’s what they give you because it’s a larger number than would be any other way. It’s misleading to anyone that doesn’t know otherwise. You could’ve done a lot worse though.