Should I repot? Worried!


I’ve noticed various spots on leaves and had a look at the roots. When I’ve taken then out of the pot, I saw the roots growing out the bottom holes, I’m worried they might need more room to grow. What sizes pot should they be in? The plants are about a foot tall, in a grow tent, under LEDs.
Will they survive being repotted?


Yes if you see roots coming out of holes the transplant!!! If not it will get rootbound and not grow


How big a pot r they in??


They’re still in the pots I germinated them in, about 15cm! I didn’t realise how quickly they grow! Needless to say it’s my first grow!! Will they be happier in Coco coir, than soil?


Man I haven’t even started my first grow yet but you need to download Roberts grow bible it will help you soooo much


Seeing as how the are already a seedling I would go ahead with a soil perilite mix for draining so you won’t over water it’s very easy to do early on


@Hammer @Paranorman @ktreez420 can help I’m afraid to give u bad advise


Definitely time to transplant use at least a 3 gallon up to a 5 gallon pot it will probably slow down growing up for a bit as the energy for it is going into the root surge then they will take off again


Sorry but I don’t know anything about Coco frankly I read a lot of people have trouble with it I don’t really think it’s the best for new growers, but that’s jmo, I like Fox Farm ocean Forest because it’s simple


Yes it is simple @Paranorman I am thinking I will just keep using it


If you want to try Coco fox farm coco loco works great but I wouldn’t try straight Coco as a beginner unless you are set up to grow hydroponically


No , don’t try straight Coco yet, that is an alternative to Hydro growing, get a 3-5 gal bucket, put some drainage holes in the sides on the Bottom, fill the bottom with small river rocks for drainage, go to any Walmart, Lowes and find a Good organic soil, yes Fox Farms is better quality but not easily found especially now. Get some perlite and mix 60-40, . Your plant will proly go into a slum for a bit , but it Will come back. watch that water ph. I even mixed in that Cocoa into my organic soil as an added buffer with the perlite.


@Hetty .in a word, Yes . i have cut off 90% of my root balls in my hydro RDWC and they grow back very well .But it will cause some stress .i sujest you use a product that has a B vitamin in it, or super thrive .to off set this .


Foz Farm Ocean forest actually can be purchased all the time on amazon. I’ve never seem them out of stock.
Foxfarm FX14000 Ocean Forest Soil, Smart Naturals, 1.5 cubic feet (38.6 dry qts)