Should I repot before flowering?

So I was just about to switch the lights. My girls have been in veg for too long. The oldest one is 10 weeks and I was going to keep for a mom but now I am just going to flower her too. The others are about 5-6 weeks. I just noticed the biggest one has roots exposed on top of the soil. Her stalk is huge!
So if she’s gonna double in flower I don’t know if this 5 gallon pot will contain her? Should I repot before switching the lights? If I do that and have to wait a week they will all be that much bigger.
I wish I had my plan more organized before I started. :woman_facepalming:t2:

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I don’t know the answer to your repotting question…I can tell you that I grow in 10-gallon fabric bags and I always have a mass or roots on top of the soil after about week 7 or 8 from seed (week 7 or 8 is when usually flip to flower). Some people top dress the soil to bury the roots that come up. I just let them do what they want and not had any issues that I know of.


Oh ok. Next time I will use a bigger pot. Thank you!:wink:

I wasn’t suggesting that you should use bigger pots. Just that I don’t think the roots on the surface are a big concern.


I understand. Thank you!

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When my plant has been in veg for a long time and becomes root bound. Before switching to flower, I cut about 1/2 inch around root ball, 1inch of bottom of the root ball, add new soil and remove large leaves.

I’m a beginner and that’s what I do and this is the outcome.

I think I could get bigger buds if I only had 1 plant in the tent and a bigger pot.

I find keeping my plant shot and bushy is easier to handle and better results in a 4x4 tent then a tall plant.


Oh wow!! Not sure I’m brave enough to do that!!

No no I don’t recommend anyone to do this. It was dying in my veg tent and I had no choice. It probably wouldn’t make it to over 2oz dry if I didn’t cut the roots and gave it fresh soil.

I love you 11 tip leaves. Did you just watered them that’s why they are curling down?

Ok. Ok. Lol.
Yes, they were a bit overwatered. I did a good flush because I wasn’t getting any runoff because they’ve gotten so big and hard to deal with in the skinny closet I couldn’t see I was getting anything out of the bottom and they looked like they were on the verge of a nutrient lockout.
So I took them all out, watered to runoff, and rearranged everybody and returned to feeding the next day. They’re doing good now!


Looking happy now… I see you have lights on the side. If your grow room gets crowded You can also put light on the floor pointing up. but don’t let it sit on the floor because it will get to hot and lose intensity.

Yes- re-pot prior to flowing. Their too damn big to deal with when in flower and to fragile when flowers are present. Get it all done before the switch.

They’re in 5 gallon pots now. Should I repot them all or just the huge one?

I added a 400 watt ballast today and stretched them all out. I just hope the HPS bulbs doesn’t cause too much heat. Waiting for a bulb from Amazon and then gonna switch the lights!
I’m so nervous!!

5 gal is good for the indoor garden