Should i remove the dead and dying leaves from my autoflower

I posted a picture of my plant on another forum and people been telling my to remove the dead and dying leaves to avoid bugs and mold . is this a good idea ? My plant is a autoflower and i dont want to stunt its growth . My plant has nutrient deficiancys from over watering and it has nutrient burn. It has recovered from over watering but the nutrient burn is new.

Trimming would be wise but expect to see more damage as it recovers. What’s your ph a nute burn that heavy is typically related to ph issue

Should i cut the leaves that are dying or the ones that are all ready dead ? or both ?

start with what is already dead the plant will cannibalize some of the damaged leaves and cutting the damaged but still there leaves will add to it’s stress. There is the other train of thought prune all damaged is like ripping off a bandage fast and over.

What is pruning ? And how do i do it ? I’m a noob at growing

Pruning would be cutting away of dead or damaged leaves but only the mostly damaged leaves

I think ill just remove the leaves that are compleatly dead . My autoflower is 5 weeks old and started flowering last week. Will my plant take longer for it to finish because of the nutrient burn ?

I pulled all the dead leaves off my plant they all came off easy except for one when i pulled it i felt a little skin from my plants stem rip off. Is this very bad ? My plant is a autoflowering. This is how my plant looks with all the dead leaves pulled off it

Yeah that’s fine , and it might grow more leaves as it grows , but my main concern is what are you feeding it and what is your ph going in and running off out the bottom . The thing about auto flowers is not what I would recommend for complete beginners , due to auto’s being a short life cycle plant and you don’t have a whole lot of room for error with auto’s . Growing auto’s you have to almost be able to grow a plant with the least amount of stress as possible . What could help is 2-3 table spoons of dolomite lime in a gallon of water and pour that in your soil to help neutralize the salt build up and lock outs .

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Any time that a leaf goes totally Gold/Yellow; It is advisable to remove them,