Should I re-pot?

Hello all, my 2 soil plants recently had an issue and I had to flush them. I checked the run off and the ph was 7.5 and the ppm was like little over 3500. The plants looked like they were having nutrient problems. The first couple of times I ran water through the pots the flow was fine. As I continued to flush the soil became so packed it would hold a gallon of water. I did what I could to air raid the soil but it didn’t help much. I used regular grow soil and I mixed it with perlite about 50 / 50. I assumed this was hold be good enough but it does not seem that way. I am wondering if I should try and replant them and maybe use coco in the bottom and knock as much of the old soul off as possible and remix with more perlite? Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks again guys.

For curiosity sake what soil are you using?
I use happy frog and it dropped 3 inches on this Grow

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I am using a standard garden soil with a 50 / 50 mix of perlite

If you want the name it’s sta green from Lowe’s

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Yeah after the gong of your comment mine dropped about the same

If you’re using this one it’s not formulated for cannabis. Added fertilizer will be released each time you water. It may give you problems the entire grow.

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I won’t argue wi @Drinkslinger at all, I think those time release souls are an issue. That said, I would suggest being super disciplined about watering before I would report and change nutes… you want to wait until your leaves are droopy and then water to just a tad bit of runoff. That soil won’t kill the plants and plenty of people have plenty of success with it (I did on my first grow).

But it is correct that water will release nutes so the key is to keep the ph right, and not let the soil stay too wet all the time.

Rule of thumb = flood to drought.

Bro science at its finest my man!! Good luck and post pics if you want advice on watering!!

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I’m using the one in the white bag. I’m about to go to Lowe’s. Should I replant these? If so what soil do you recommend?

Fox farms ocean forest does a great job …

When buying soil for cannabis avoid time release or “feeds for xx months” type soils.

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Yep…going through it now…school boy error…she’s late into flower with hot soil…I can’t flush else it’ll release more nitrogen…would repotting her with new soil now completely stress her out or worth a try…or just finish up and learn a lesson!? :thinking::see_no_evil::joy: Sorry for post bombing but seen you will have the same issue as me with time release standard plant soil!

I went ahead and repotted them. They were stressed and looked horrible for a couple of weeks and just now are starting to recover. But yours are in flower so I’m not sure in your situation. What I ended up having to do because the root ball was holding onto all the soil I had to wash the roots off really well and get all the soil out.

Then what I did was fill the hole in the root ball where all the soil was with a combination of soil and clay balls people put in hydro cups. I then filled the pot bottom with about 1.5 inches of soil. Then added a layer of those clay balls to help with drainage.

Then I took as much of the root ball as I could and spread the roots out as much as I could across the pot.

I put them back I. The tent and waited a few days until they were bone dry and gave them water with only 1/4 the nutrients and only watered where the root mass was.

The next watering I did only distilled water with voodoo juice to help the roots recover.

I increased nutrients by 1/4 every other water until I got to full strength. I checked the ppm and ph of the run off too.

I finally have the soil ph at 6.0 and the ppm is about 750 now. They literally just started turning green and growing again a couple of days ago

Actually it may be easier and more beneficial for you to convert them to deep water hydro. I couldn’t do that with mine because I didn’t have the room but it looks like you might.