Should I put these in bloom and try to get something

Grow Room = 8x8x8 2inch thick Styrofoam
RH= 50%-65%
Temp = 68-84 F AVERAGE TEMP = 82 F

Veg 1000 W MH 18-6
Bloom 1000 W HPS 12-12

Soil = Pro Mix HP PH 7.0 / 7 Gallon Grow Bags

GH Flora Grow
GH Flora Micro
GH Flora Bloom
Silica Blast

PH = 6.0

Soil Mix after adding nutrients is PH 6.`1

Since I started this grow I have done every thing wrong from not watering at all to watering too much wrong soil wrong nuits lesson learned My 7 gal grow bags will be here Sat my problem is my plants are GG and 65 days old they are growing about 1.5 inches a day and range from 5 inches to 17 inches at this point I don’t know what to do wait it out or put them in bloom mode and try to get some thing out of them or pull them and start over at this point the only working meter I have is a TDS PH meter I don’t have the $300 for a good neter

You can get a decent tds meter for $20 and I have a nice h/m digital ph meter I love. I don’t care for apera. I would pull the taller ones over, maybe super crop halfway down and I would flower them. the 2 looks good

They look great. What’s the problem? One is small but the others have a lot of really tight nodes . 1000 watts is a bit overkill I think for so early but more is better then not enough as long as you don’t mind paying the electricity. There a nice color . And no signs of any deficiencies . I’m new to the game but did enough research to last a life time and I think your ok. It doesn’t look like you topped them though. . That may be why you think yours look different.

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Do you have drainage in those buckets?

My GSC are about 40 days old or 45 and there only about 9 inches tall but they been topped

yesI have many 1inch drainage holesin borrom and sides

Ok just making sure . I think your doing great. Is it your first grow ?

yes first grow in doors

It takes a lot longer indoors to get big. A lot of guys with the 4 foot tall plants in veg are vegging for 4 months .

If it was me and I had that nice room and big light , I would let them grow. Unless you have some reason you need them to finish right away. You got the equipment to grow some giant plants.

the 4 foot plant was pic from a guy that told me they were 6 weeks old GG with my setup thats why I changed to this setup

sorry for long response time power was off

4 feet tall at 6 weeks is pretty much impossible.

Here is mine at about 6 weeks


It’s only like 6 or 7 inches tall but from tipping it it has like 15 tops now. If I didn’t top I would be a little shorter then yours .here is someone’s GG at 6 weeks


I would still transplant into grow bags as long as you have em. You could let them recover from that for a week or so before flipping. In veg, you can double size in two weeks. Plants do look like they could use some training.

What water are you using? And you really need to invest in a PH meter at least. That combo of nutes in R/O water will be a little high and likely needs a bit of DOWN to get to 6.0 (I use essentially the same stuff with Flora Nectar and some other goofy ingredient called out lol). Keep your TDS around 800 ppm: you just don’t need more.

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thr water i’m using is tap water sometimes I use springwater from kroger

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That makes it even more important to have a PH meter.

I have a TDS PH meterthat seems to work pretty good

4’ at 6 weeks is not impossible. my California dream plant in coco grows fast. If I didn’t top it and tie the branches down, it would be a monster

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