Should I prune?

I am about a month away from harvest. I have just started feeding nutes to overcome some yellowing of leaves. I have cut most of these away and now left what you see in the pictures.
My question is should i trim off the lower branches and newly emerging bud sites?


The plant isn’t overly dense and can get all of the light penetration and airflow it needs. Your plant needs the foliage it has to manufacture the sugars it needs for healthy growth.


No need to prune let it go


Welcome to the community ! As mentioned let her ride. :v::+1:


If you’re unhappy with the bud size or density after drying, you’ll need to get some dedicated light for it. Skimp on the light and she’ll skimp on the bud.


@CurrDogg420 Thanks for the reply Mate. Im not really unhappy, just looking to see if there is anything i can do to maximise yield by trimming or not.

Trimming off the type of branches that gave you the lower, popcorn buds, just before flowering, is when you get the most benefit from trimming. I’m not convinced that removing fan leaves later in flower actually does anything. The plant needs the carbs produced by the fan leaves in order to grow the buds. The buds don’t actually contribute much to photosynthesis.


I agree, i only remove those that block buds as the plant needs them for the process. That being said when i reach the point where buds are going from cloudy and starting to get some amber( maturing) i remove any leaf that has a stem that i can see where it starts at the branch.


Sounds like everyone has you covered. I also would not trim off any more of the foliage. There ain’t a lot on there as of now. Let’s it do it’s happy plant “thing”.
Happy growing…