Should I prune some leaves?

Sprouted on April 15 (34 days ago)
PH: 7
No run off-watering every other day
HydroplanetTM Grow Light Fixture HPS 150W - on 14 hours, off 10 hours
Temperature 70-75 degrees F
Humidity 40-45%
10-15-10 plant food - watered down

Thanks for everyone’s help, I truly appreciate it! Well, we weathered the brown leaves storm, I think. Now the question is, do we need to prune some of these leaves? I want the most successful productive plants but I don’t want to do anything to harm my little onesUploading: C5B5C7AC-6418-4770-A94E-4B841B57F4EC.jpeg... Uploading: E53982C7-E1E4-4771-9CC4-6F05B06E2BB3.jpeg…

Picture didn’t load. But if the leaves are damaged or withered and brown, you can remove the. @Kbob

My pictures are not showing up so I’m gonna try again…here goes!

Looks like all of the leaves are good. I would leave them. @Kbob she looks great.


I don’t see any reason to remove leaves either right now.


Thanks!! Do you just prune to remove damaged leaves? I thought I read somewhere, can’t remember if it was a post or grow bible, that pruning can help plant grow bigger.

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Topping/fimming can help growth to create more colas. Fan leaves are needed in this stage as they keep the plant growing.

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Suggest you wait on the pruning leaves…and this stage of growth will be best for topping and LST.