Should I prune so lower leaves get better light?

First time grower. Picture is THCBomb, sprouted 3 1/2 weeks ago. It is under a Viparspectra 600 at 18 inches. First question : does it look like it is growing at proper rate? Second question: should I prune larger leaves to get light to lower leaves?


The plant looks healthy and on target. Personally I would let it grow about 3 more inches and then top the main cola and dip it in rooting hormone, and plant in dome, leaving you with about 8 main branches and a clone for next round.


I wouldn’t prune the lower leaves since they are the biggest fan leaves which keeps photosynthesis up and running.

I was told to wait till they are 12” tall then cut the very top section. Spread the leaves a little and you can see the very center and that is what gets chopped.

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Thanks again Mr. Peat. You also helped me with the Viparspectra question a few weeks back. I decided to order another for future grows. Starting with just one plant so I can learn as I go.


Congratulations you’re off to a great start keep up the good work.

Thanks Stonedrus. I appreciate your help.

Thanks for the encouragement :blush:

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Glad I could help. Your girl looks fine and healthy. I have to chopped my little girls today. For two of them it will be their second chop and the other two the first time.

@Blurryface How big is your grow space? Because two of those Viparspectra is good for a 4x4 tent. Just one will still do good for one plant if it’s being Scrog.

I have used that light your plant is big enough now @Blurryface I would go ahead and turn the other switch on veg and Bloom you can use the extra light it will be fine.

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For the record I ran all three light switches on my Viparspectra PAR600 from start to finish. And if you saw how big my GSC got on just 1 of the Viparspectra…imagine it with 2 of them.

But I switched to HLG so it’s all good.

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I’m fortunate, I have the whole room 14x20’. Plenty of room for multiple plants. Environment controlled, all windows blacked out. What I don’t have is an exhaust system. The room has a window ac unit, there is no ceiling ducting to tap into. I’m waiting to see what the aroma is going to be, and how to deal with it. Once that’s taken care of, I could take on 4-6 plants at once, I think (with additional lighting).

I meant to add that question to original post. I’ve only been using veg light. I’ll turn on bloom too.
Thank you!

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Should I keep the distance the same, or raise it?

@Blurryface I can say this. My GSC sometimes I can smell and other times it’s like holy cow you smell wonderful.

On an area like that and a lot of plants, you will have to deal with the smell if it’s a problem for you.

I could tell by the picture all blue. @Blurryface Same distance will be fine. Turn them both on

I thank you and my plant thanks you!

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