Should I pick these buds?

First time grower… Just wanna know if these buds are ready?..

the hairs have turned mostly reddish brown trichomes appear milky/cloudy… I don’t want the thc to degrade to couchlock status… please advise

Looks like a couple of weeks away. Do you have a jewlers loupe to check the trichomes on the buds not the sugar leaves. you want about 90% cloudy and 10% amber.


@Xm3t4Lx What is the strain? How long in 12/12? Looks like at least a couple weeks from overall look! Whatever breeder said about flower time, you can add 8-14 days because they don`t actually start flowering immediately. Hope this helps. Like @Deepsix said you need to magnify the triches, I use a cheap microscope, I also have the erecting eyepiece from a small telescope which works pretty good with a flashlight!

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